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  • My activity will be sporadic around those times, especially until next Monday. I might be able to catch you online, but I can't schedule a definite time within that range. I am always online from 11-11:40 AM (EDT) on Monday/Wednesday/Friday; otherwise, I would prefer scheduling a time earlier in the afternoon.
    Haha I'll do my best to get good at it! I might do a bit of team stealing though...:D. Scarf Primeape sounds cool. I might build a team, see how that goes...though I don't have a huge amount of time to do so.

    And yeah, it's funny.
    Thank you! And thanks! I've never played that tier before. You have the same birthday as my cousin!
    lol the Trapinch is awesome isn't it?

    Your OU team looks pretty solid, but i dunno that much about OU to give you a good rate. Hopefully one of the TR's will take a look at it. The only thing I can say is that you look a little rain-weak, since Virizion and Hydreigon are about your only safeguards against it. Good luck! :D
    yeah no matter what your team is your going to have problems with Yanmega. About the best counters you can hope for are Munchlax, Probopass (watch out for HP Ground) and Entei.

    Good luck!
    Hmmm that's actually not too bad of a team.

    I really really hate Tangela though and I'd suggest anything over it. Clefable doesn't seem like a good match for your team either.

    I'd put Cresselia (I <3 SubCM) over Clefable, you lose Wish support, but gain the best Pokemon of the tier atm. I run Sub/CM/Moonlight/IceBeam.

    You're lacking a Spinner for your team, for both Galvantula and Moltres. Also I assume Clefable was your Stealth Rocker, so I'd recommend Sandslash. A more defensive Donphanish set I think would be best. Stealth Rock/Rapid Spin/Earthquake/whatever your heart desires.
    What team did you try for RU, let me evaluate it, I'll help you out :D

    Also Azumarill is pretty damn boss, no lie
    bahahahaha, great to see you back! Hopefully you can get into 5th gen easy enough.

    Also, just fyi there's a ton of drama going on with getting the site updated to BW. BlueKirby and Articuno64 are back as admins... which is what a bulk of the drama is surrounding. But, we should be updating soon! (hopefully)
    To be very honest I have no idea how to go from here. C&C has an awful amount of subjectivity, which makes approving sets so hard. Not so long ago, I remember that a Mixed Wallbreaker set was put up for QC rate on Flareon's update, but it was taken down due to Blaziken outclassing it. Of course, there's the new policy that says being outclassed by something is no longer a reason to reject sets, and I have no doubt a set like that could work, as it only loses to Scarf Ken (Speed-wise) when it comes to outpacing Swellow; but then typing / movepool issues come into play (but that isn't quite my point).

    With that said, I'd approve it for sure, but I sometimes find it hard to just approve something that will have written on its description "this is completely outclassed". Of course, Flareon has some advantages such as its Special Defense and Flash Fire. I guess this is a bit like a "don't go too far when updating Flareon" thing.
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